Canadian nobel prize winners

Fifteen Canadian scientists have won the Nobel Prize:

  • Sid Altman, Nobel Chemistry 1989 for Catalytic RNA
  • Sir Frederick Banting, Nobel Medicine 1923 for Discovering Insulin
  • Willard Boyle, Nobel Physics 2009 for Discovering the Charge Coupled Device
  • Bert Brockhouse, Nobel Physics 1994 for Condensed Matter
  • Gerhard Herzberg, Nobel Chemistry 1971 for Molecular Spectroscopy
  • David Hubel, Nobel Medicine 1981 for Mapping the Visual Cortex
  • Rudolph Marcus, Nobel Chemistry 1992 for Electron Transfer Reactions (e.g.: Rust)
  • Art McDonald, Nobel Physics 2015 for discovering that neutrinos have mass
  • James Peebles, Nobel Physics 2019 for discovering the cosmic background radiation and dark matter/energy
  • John Polanyi, Nobel Chemistry 1986 for Chemi- luminescence
  • Michael Smith, Nobel Chemistry 1993 for Site-Based Mutagenesis
  • Donna Strickland, Nobel Physics 2018 for Chirped Pulse Amplification of lasers
  • Jack Szostak, Nobel Medicine 2009 for discovery of how Telomeres work
  • Henry Taube, Nobel Chemistry 1983 for Electron Transfer Reactions
  • Richard Taylor, Nobel Physics 1990 for verifying the Quark Theory