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Alamae Briana McDonald, Student in Mobile, Alabama on November 9, 2004

I just want to say since listenin to this site I've been able to have a science project and found out what matter is!

Brittany Tip-gurdy on October 4, 2004

My teacher recommended I go to this site and it is great! I am very happy. It is easy to use and interesting.

Luis Acosta, Mexico on August 10, 2004

We enjoyed your website. Very useful. Congratulations. We just want to call your attention that we were surprised to not find Dr. Wayne F. J Evans, Fellow of the Royal Socienty of Canada. He runs the Atmospheric Physics Lab in Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. We have worked with his Lab on research in Greenhouse Gases and the TOMS instrument for the study of the Ozone Layer.

Deborah Talmi, University of Toronto Psychology Lecturer on July 13, 2004

I liked the video where Tulving talks about rehearsal - that's a great part I think students would enjoy especially since the midterm is next week.

Azad Ahmad, India on June 10, 2004

I was very much pleased by the infomation your site provides about mathematics and science. Thanks.

Siobhan Roberts, Author on May 21, 2004

I am writing Donald Coxeter's authorized biography for Penguin Canada. I would like to inquire about the copyright for the line to sphere to cube etc diagram on his page of your site.

Michael Lyons, semi-retired 92 year-old on April 22, 2004

Àa quand la version française du site? Très intéressant et assez complet. Je dois présenter le dr Pierre Dansereau à un groupe d'étudiants en technologie aéronautique et il va parler des changements technologiques dans notre société. Votre résumé biographique, va beaucoup m'aider; merci.

Benoit Lapierre on April 16, 2004

Where is the French version ????

Scott Forsyth on March 19, 2004

Hey u guys, I loved ur website. I thought it was awsome! And, well... i actually learned something (coming from a 12 year old boy, that's a really good sign.) When i grow up i want to be a scientist or do mathematical research. I think ur job is great. Without people like u, the whole world stop spinning. great website! Scotty

Chantel on March 6, 2004

Thank you Barry! I learned lots thanks to you. The Video under Doreens Picture was quite Interesting. ShOrTiE ThE 2Nd!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Francesca on March 4, 2004

You're cool! Your my inspiration to be a better person.

Joe Ball on February 9, 2004

I think this is a great site for kids

belle on February 4, 2004

Great Site! it helps me a lot in my assignments and papers. Thanks !!!

Bruce Rawles, author & scientist, Nevada City, California on January 21, 2004

Neat info/videos on Coxeter; I just ordered (at long last!) his book on Polytopes, which I keep finding references to while exploring sacred geometry. Cheers and thanks for your site! :-)

Brittany Bullach on January 20, 2004

You have an amazing site!! I expecially like your quiz. After we studdied about it, I got 90 percent right but that was lucky because I had studdied before so but any way i hope u have a good day!! :)

Cathy Gulli, National Post on December 17, 2003

Thanks so much for the response, and a swift one at that. I'm a business journalist, but I'm fascinated with science. The site is very informative. A great service.

Jessica Sager, 9th Grade High School Student on November 15, 2003

I had to do a report on the many uses of oxygen. I had to get the uses, who invented it, what it's used for and any other facts about it. Your page at was a very useful tool and it helped me a lot. Thank you.

Walter Zukauskas, Physics Lecturer, Dalhousie U. on November 12, 2003

Loved your portrait of Willard Boyle. It's informative and it has zip and zing!

Julie on October 25, 2003

Thank you for helping me so much on trying to find great Canadian scientists for my project!

Morgan Brown, Canadian Nuclear Society on October 16, 2003

Great site. I have made an additional link to your page on Bertram Brockhouse, from the Canadian Nuclear Society's "Nuclear Pioneers" web page.

Mark Irvine, Sacramento, CA inventor on September 25, 2003

Thank you very much for the help. You people are great.

Jennifer Yule, Canadian high school student on September 25, 2003

I think that the answer for the question "What's better: pushing or pulling a car, front or rear wheel drive?" was a perfect explanation. I was about to ask the same question becasue I have a project for school to do, but when I saw that this question was already asked and answered I was surprised to find the efficiency. Thanks again for the great explanation!

Jacob Berkowitz, Quantum Writing on September 10, 2003

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate using the GCS website. I'm writing a piece on Bertram Brockhouse and your profile on him and his work is wonderful. It's the personal details in your story that I found so compelling, and different than all of the other material I found online about him.

Anna on July 12, 2003

Great site! Learned alot!

Kallin on July 12, 2003

Just surfing the internet when landing on the beach of science! My English isn't the best but I tried the quiz and I've learned a few things! I'm working with old people and maybe there is something about making aging process become easier!? I'll be back!

Nancy on July 7, 2003

This is a really good site. I spend hours learning about things I never thought I would know anything about. Thanks.

Carlos Nijensohn M.D., Argentina on June 13, 2003

I do like your page on Endel Tulving. I have met him because I have read a note on him at La Research number this year on memory.

Nathan Say on June 2, 2003

George Georgiev is an artist on Gabriola Island who designs the world's fastest bicycles. While not a scientist, here are his bicycles.

Jean on March 4, 2003

I think your site is the best science site I have ever went. I could find lots of information from here for my projects. But, I wish there were more things about motions.

damein on February 7, 2003

Well, the site's ok but needs more info... I'm kiddin this site has to !@#$ing much info!!!!!!!!

Judy on December 10, 2002

I think your site is great! I can't find a French side to it and therefore assume it doesn't exist. It would be wonderful if you could make it bilingual. I am a monolingual anglophone but believe this is information that should be shared by all Canadians. - or is there another site? [It is one of our goals to get the site translated. If anyone out there can help, please drop us a line. --Editors]

leslie on November 4, 2002

I would like to suggest that you update profiles more often. But in general the site is a good reference site.

Macarena Busto on October 23, 2002

Marla Sokolowski at UTM (Mississauga) is a world leader in behavioural genetics. Her work on fruit flies has revealed many interesting details of the genetic basis of natural behavioural variation. I would like to see her profiled on this site.

Sylvie Cabrit, Astronomer at Observatoire de Paris on October 15, 2002

Your profile of Hubert Reeves is very interesting and illustrates very well how scientific discoveries are sometimes triggered by inspiration from very ordinary observations, a very nice illustration of the way scientific discovery works. It also shows that good scientists are neither mad nor boring, but sensitive and creative. It is great that you are making such a web site!

Jim Booth, Physics Dept., British Columbia Institute of Technology on May 7, 2002

Your website is terrific! I am spending way too much time browsing. :)

Lyndsay Murphy, Gr. 7 Teacher, Nova Scotia on April 18, 2002

I love your site! I plan to introduce this site to my students. I've also seen your book and plan to order one! Thanks!

Gabriel Guérin-Pliva on April 1, 2002

This is a great website. I found exactly what I was looking for. Although I think it would be very practical if you were bilingual, in other words, if you had a translated version of this website. You guys are doing a great job. keep it up!

Dennis Sandoval on March 13, 2002

You should make more games for younger kids. I think you should make a chat room so people could go in and talk about science things only. This will help your web site to become more popular and more people could become interested in science.

George D. Karakoutas, Engineer, Thessaloniki, Greece on February 20, 2002

Excellent site. I was astonished, watching all these Canadians Scientists and their work. Congratulations !!

Katie-Ann Crawford on February 13, 2002

Hi I love the website but pleaze add stuff to do with Archeologist's and Egyptianologist's