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Dougald Lamont on February 8, 2002

As it happens, Norman Bowen was my great uncle. You mention that his wife, Mary Lamont, was a medical student in Boston. She studied there, but was actually a Canadian as well, from Prince Edward Island. Dougald Lamont

Dirka U. Prout, Professional Engineer on January 28, 2002

This is a great site which I will use more often but right now I trying to see if you have any scientists listed that are of African Descent for African Heritage month. [Editor: we do. Constantine Campbell]

Tiffany on January 28, 2002

Excellent way to classify information about the people you research about. I like how you put the important things down the side. It was really easy to find things I needed to find. Especially the acomplishments! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Pekka Sinervo, Physicist, U of T on January 28, 2002

I discovered your site this morning and congratulate you on the effort put into bringing all this information together, especially the info on Canadian scientists.

Annie Robberecht, Certified Translator, France on January 23, 2002


R Klein on January 21, 2002

I would like to see Dr Gail Anderson included as a profiled Canadian scientist. She was recently featured in TIME magazine and is the top forensic entomologist in North America. She is the favorite example for an innovative women in science that we use to inspire girls (and boys) at our science camps.

Preston MacDougall, Middle Tennessee State U. on January 15, 2002

Dr. Calvin B. Harley is a Canadian, was educated in Canada, and was a Professor of Biochemistry in Canada when he developed his exciting hypothesis of the telomere "clock" that is involved in the aging process. He is now the Chief Scientific Officer at Geron Corp. (Menlo Park, CA) that is the "legal guardian" of Dolly the sheep.

Mario s. Oligo on November 15, 2001

Very nice.

John Dune on November 9, 2001

I think this sight is cool. It has lots of information. I can't believe Sid altman won the nobel prize.

William Neill, Professor, Texas A&M University on November 2, 2001

Thank you and your organization for honoring the memory of Dr. Fry. The link you provided worked perfectly. And, I found your website most impressive. Bookmarked it, and will explore it more thoroughly when I have an opportunity.

Andrea Ricker on August 30, 2001

I wanted to say what a great job I think you have done. My wonderful grandfather is Dr. William Ricker, and I think that it is great that he has gotten such recognition. Even though he is not a computer person himself I know that he would be honoured to know that so many people appreciate his work. Many thanks!

Roberta Cross, Canadian Consul and Trade Commissioner, Barcelona, Spain on June 22, 2001

Thank you so much for this. I should tell you that I am from Saskatoon, and Dr. Spinks was one of the reasons why my father left Ontario in 1976 to work in a research facility associated to the U of S. He and his wife Mary were wonderful people who cared for our "transplanted" family and made sure that we felt at home in a new place where my father could dedicate himself to good science. I am pleased to hear that Dr. Spink's part in Dr. Hertzberg becoming Canadian and continuing his work in North America will be recognized on your website.

Raquel on April 23, 2001

I think this is a great site and i really appreciate what your doing cuz i have a science prject right now and i'm studying Irene Uchida and this is amazing informations.

Jamie Duckett on April 3, 2001

Thankyou for your answer on the question I asked you on chemical changes and tea. I showed it to my teacher and fellow classmates and they thought it was very imformative. My teacher won the argument for I said that it was a chemical change. I liked the way you explained the reason for the tea because it helped me fully understand why. Thank you again for the help.

Jeremy Warnsing, Student, Midland Lutheran College in Fremont Nebraska on March 28, 2001

I just want to thank you on all the help you gave me. I really appreciate you taking the time to fill this out. It means alot to me. This is more than what I could have asked for.

Minal Shah, student on October 21, 1998

Thank you very much for helping me with my project. It really helped me. I am now able to complete my expirement, since I have some background information.

Hannah Marshall, student & her career decision on October 16, 1998

Thanks so much for all the information that you have given me. It will prove very useful in my choice [of career].You have been quite helpful and thanks for the time you have given me.

Nick VanAmstel on September 22, 1998

Thank you for your quick response. The answer to my question told me why Einstein was such a genius and why I am not. Keep up your excellent work.

Kostas Ioannou on September 13, 1998

You're doing a wonderful job for representing Canadian participation in important science breakthroughs. I would like to thank you for providing information on canadian scientists because I am currently doing a project based on canadian scientists.

Judith Spicer, Mathematics Education Abstractor, on September 10, 1998

Congratulations!!! Your book and Web site are wonderful.

Jill Taylor-Brown, Winnipeg, Manitoba on August 11, 1998

Josh LOVES the Great Canadian Scientists CD, and was thrilled when he got to "University Level" (I don't know if he was on the easy or medium difficulty). Thank you again for it - both Michael and Josh are both enjoying it and it is the only "game" Josh wants to play now.

Leanne Harrison, Teacher, Victoria, BC on May 18, 1998

I am a Grade 9 Career and Personal Planning teacher. I plan to refer my students to this site when they are doing Career Searches, especially the girls. Great stuff. I found your Great Canadian Scientists website through Big Six, a concept which is designed to help teachers and students access information. People (mostly Americans) write into the site and ask for ideas. One of the people requested information about science sites. I followed some of them and came across your site and a Canadian one at that!